Keynote: Kwesi Millington

Keynote: Kwesi Millington

Serving on the frontline on our streets, in our hospitals, and one-on-one often means stress is inevitable. For those in careers in the security, police and fire fields—and those contemplating careers in these areas—it is crucial to learn tactics to help us not just to survive, but to thrive in tough times.

In this keynote, Kwesi pulls from his past experience as a first responder to share lessons on how to build a resilient and confident mindset from the get-go. Get ready for an exploratory look into mastering resilience and how to enjoy building your inner mindset muscle.

You’ll hear more on:
  • Finding and maintaining balance in your personal and professional life,
  • The importance of knowing your “why” when starting a career as a police officer, fire fighter or security professional;
  • Examining tools to help you take charge of your mental health;
  • Discovering how to prevent negative states from becoming permanent traits; and 
  • Keys to finding enjoyment and happiness in times of stress and uncertainty.

About Our Keynote Speaker
As a motivational speaker with a speech coaching certification, former RCMP officer Kwesi Millington uses the power of storytelling to inspire and create positive changes in the lives of his audience. He is a resilience expert helping first responders, youth and other frontline employees to overcome obstacles, cope with stress and build confidence. Kwesi’s story is known nationally and is the subject of the best-selling book, Blamed and Broken. After overcoming a decade long struggle, which included public scrutiny, a wrongful conviction and unjustified incarceration, he has turned the ability to rise above adversity into messages that transform his audiences for the better.
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